Happy n Sad

2012-02-12 16:02:49 · Daily · 2 KOMMENTARER

I'm quite happy that there was a "thing" that happened. I can't tell you what, cause it's a secret. Though it was a good thing. You get so crazy and wanna party all night! Like butterflys in the stomach.
Then I'm sad that Whitney Houston died yesterday. I wasn't the biggest fan but it's always sad when someone's gone, but they're still in your heart. R.I.P Whitney Houston

Postat av: Elin- Pepp , tips & recept på hur du mår bra!

fin blogg :o

Ha det bra

2012-02-12 - 19:52:28 | Blogg: http://erb.webblogg.se/
Postat av: ping lowhngren

ooo tack så mkt!^^<3 dessamma ;D

2012-02-12 - 20:09:57 | Blogg: http://pinggirl.blogg.se/

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